Storytelling Sessions

Storytelling Sessions: Choose a Program to Fit Your Needs

  • Molly visits a school group in their classroom.Stories with a Wiggle and Giggle:
    These family favorites and animal tales will tickle your funny bone.
    Multicultural fables and personal stories with movement and audience

  • Lessons from Coyote:
    In Native American cultures, Coyote is a trickster, teaching lesson through his mistakes. These are multicultural stories emphasizing environmental awareness and a connection to nature.

  • Liar’s Moon:
    Slaves traveled to freedom often at night on the underground railroad. In the days
    before the Civil War, these are filled with courage, creativity and compassion. Perfect for Black History
    month (February) and Martin Luther King Day, empowering to all
    who celebrate the strength of the human spirit to be free.

  • Ghost Stories:
    Haunted places, shadows and mysterious
    sounds…..oooh! From goosebumps to sitting on the edge of your seat,
    these tales are fun to listen to with spine tingling surprises.
    Sessions can be adapted to all audiences.

  • Ozark Mountain Memories: Buried treasure, outhouses, and pigs in the
    bathtub. Weaving folklore and the humor of family farm life, Molly
    celebrates her childhood along the Gasaconde River in
    southern Missouri.

  • Molly in costume.Grace and Grit:
    In costume, Molly tells the stories of American western
    expansion with an emphasis on the experiences of women and children.
    Glimpse back to a time long ago and relive the hardships and
    excitement of traveling west. "My grandmother came to Kansas when she
    was six years in a covered wagon. Her journal was a time capsule for
    me in my research to let these voices from the past be heard."

  • It Takes All Kinds: Stories teaching tolerance, ancient fables with a modern twist to spread seeds of understanding and cooperation.
  • Survival Stories: True to life disasters, close calls in nature adventures and weather.
  • Walking Barefoot: Stories of hope, personal reflections on faith and discovery, multicultural tales of understanding, healing and inspiration.
  • Girl Power: Molly salutes Girl Scouts of today and yesteryear and shares stories of nature girls, perfect for Girl Scout events and entertainment.

  • Tales from the Enchanted Land: Fairy tales, stories of wonder and magic, heroic stories that never grow old.
  • Before Title 9: Amazing true stories of women in sports. Daredevils and adventurous women who left their mark breaking barriers.

Ask Molly about school fundraisers through family story events.