One-Woman Shows

One-Woman Shows

  • Molly in costumeMeet Juliette: Called Daisy by her family, Juilette Gordon Low,
    founder of the Girl Scouts, is recognized as one of the important women of the
    last 100 years. Meet Daisy and hear about her childhood and early influences.

  • White Woman of the Genesse: The amazing true story of Mary Jemsion
    is fascinating look at the culture of the Eastern Woodland Indians.
    In 1756 young Mary is adopted into the Seneca
    tribe. Her story of survival is memorable.

  • Founding Mothers: While much has been written about the men of
    Revolutionary War the women are often left in the shadows. Meet some of the women who helped change history. George
    Washington’s mother, Abigale Adams, Sybil Ludington and the real Molly
    Pitcher step into the light.

  • Carry A. Nation: She was called a bulldog with a hatchet. Her
    crusade against evils of alcohol and tobacco angered many and inspired
    thousands. Outrageous and outspoken, Carry was fearless as she
    supported women’s rights and social reform. March on!

  • Burning Revenge: The Civil War was a devastating and turbulent time
    along the Missouri/ Kansas border. In 1863 General Ewing of the Union Army
    issued the infamous Order #11 shortly after the raid on Lawrence,
    Kansas. Enforcement of Order #11 left thousands of people homeless;
    most were innocent women and children. This brutal tragedy is told
    by the women witnessing history.

  • Little Sure Shot: The Life of Annie Oakley. Raised in a Quaker home, her real name was
    Phoebe Ann. As a little girl
    with an usual talent, she saved her family from the despair of
    poverty. As a performer with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, she
    became a legend.

  • HERSTORY: A well-behaved woman rarely makes history. Meet warriors and rebels, pirates and patriots from the past. In 1 hour
    Molly morphs into 13 very different women of the past. Social issues, gender roles and turning points in the world’s political arenas are explored.

  • When the Lilacs Bloom: Molly tells the stories of three different women – a doctor, soldier, and mother –
    surviving the American Civil war that has torn our nation apart. Healing, insightful
    and honest emotions.

  • My Pa was Daniel Boone:
    Early Missouri pioneer Jemimah Boone talks
    about her famous father and growing up when Missouri was the edge of
    the western frontier. Living a log cabin, interactions with Shawnee
    tribe and wild animals Jemimah shares her version of Missouri


  • Laura’s Land of Long Ago:
    Stories told by Laura Ingalls Wilder have enchanted readers for years. Hear how Laura learned these lessons.

  • Laura’s Christmas Memories:
    Santa Claus on the Kansas Prairie, homemade family gifts and celebrating Chrstmas in May are the memories shared by a pioneer girl.

  • Show-Me Ladies:
    The spotlight focuses on female Missouri explorers, pioneers, and first ladies, with a sprinkling of outlaws and outrageous women from our fine state.

  • The Unsinkable Molly Brown:
    Molly was a true rags-to-riches Missouri girl who survives the sinking of the ship, Titantic. Molly describes her life as a poor pioneer who strikes it rich in Gold Rush days and later uses her wealth to touch the lives of others.

  • Grace O’Malley, Pirate Queen: Grace was a notorious clan leader commanding 200 men out to sea. Her story merges Irish lengends and myth with the truth of Grace’s life and her adventures. A fascinating story of Celtic heritage.